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A Beginning!

Merwin Fernandes Himalaya trek
Merwin Fernandes

Merwin Fernandes is a farmer by choice.

After spending 30 years in the corporate world, Merwin retired prematurely from a senior management position at Infosys and took to farming in 2007, making a clean break and burning all bridges with the past in the process. Since then he has dived wholeheartedly into this new world of natural farming and natural living – learning the ropes, making mistakes, learning by experience, and evolving along on the chosen path.

Currently Merwin is involved in three major initiatives – developing Savera Farm using the Bio- diverse Natural Farming model, taking the farm produce directly to customers under the Savera Naturals umbrella and experimenting with natural living in the realm of diet and health. Besides this, Merwin is a passionate trekker and avid reader.

This blog is his effort to establish a dialogue with his fellow travellers and to share experiences, insights and p

erspectives from his journey along the path of natural farming and natural living.

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