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Milk – White Gold or White Poison

At the Outset

Lets look at some important and irrefutable facts

  • Milk is produced by nature to nurture new born of that species and hence is engineered to the growth and nutrition needs of the new born of that species only.

  • So, while a calf needs to get up and start walking within minutes of being born, a human baby takes upto 2 years to start walking. The needs of rapid development of bones and muscle in a calf are totally different from that of a human baby. And cow’s milk is engineered to meet the needs of a calf

Humans are the only species on earth that drinks milk of another species or consumes milk after weaning

Cow’s Milk & Protein

  • Cow’s milk has 3 times more protein than human milk. It is designed to grow a calf from 60 to 400lbs in just a year.

  • Casein has a molecular weight of 233k vs 14k of Lactalbumin in human milk

  • The simple fact is that, if the human body required such high density of protein, nature would have produced human milk with it. Now, when this high concentration of protein is metabolized and absorbed as amino acids, it creates acidity in the body.

  • This acidity in the system is responsible for the leaching of calcium from our bones and magnesium from our muscles.

Cow’s Milk & Fat

  • Cow’s milk has 50% more fat than human milk

  • Butter is 100% fat, cheese 75%, whole milk 50% and even ‘1% low fat’ milk 21% of calories from fat.

  • Most of that fat is saturated fat, which is directly linked to high cholesterol and heart disease. Dairy is the #1 source of saturated fat in our kids’ diets.

  • The high fat content in cow’s milk adds to muscle cell fat thus increasing their insulin resistance.

Cow’s Milk a potential carcinogen?

  • There are high levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones in cow’s milk. Dairy is our #1 source of environmental estrogen exposure, accounting for up to 80% of estrogens consumed. These high levels of estrogen and progesterone are partly what links dairy to acne and other hormonally-controlled diseases, such as breast and ovarian cancer, PCOS, and early puberty.

  • Cow’s milk also contains 6 times more insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) than human milk. IFG-1 it is a potent promotor of tumor growth and is likely also responsible for the faster linear growth we see in children and early menarche in girls drinking cow’s milk.

Casein is the most significant chemical carcinogen ever discovered” Dr. Colin Campbell.

More facts about Cow’s Milk

  • Cow’s milk is also strongly linked to several auto immune diseases.

  • The carbohydrate in cow’s milk is lactose and we aren’t meant to consume lactose after weaning, as over the age of 4 our body no longer produces the enzyme lactase

  • Milk is very poor in iron content. 50 gallons of milk is equivalent in iron content to one bowl of spinach.

  • The high levels of IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor) contained in milk, apart from being a cancer promoter also blocks the insulin receptors thereby increasing blood sugar and causing Diabetes.

  • Cow’s milk actually curdles in the human intestine, forming a filmy coating, which prevents the digestive system from absorbing other vital vitamins. It also increases mucus formation, leading to catarrh, chronic coughs, colds, and sinus blockage.

  • Cow’s milk causes colic pains and disturbed sleep in babies, acne, pimples, cysts, fibroids, mumps, anaemia, atherosclerosis, gallstones, kidney stones, cataract, allergies, dental problems, and gastrointestinal problems such as acidity, constipation, bloating, stomach cramps, dysentery and wind.

Now you may be thinking – but what about A2 milk? Isn’t that supposed to be healthy? And hasn’t milk and ghee been consumed since ancient times in India? How then can it be so bad? I will address these two questions in my next blog on the topic.


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