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Galangal belongs to the ginger family and has been used as a culinary spice and a  

medicinal herb since ages. The spicy, peppery, and aromatic qualities of Galangal are a signature flavor in South East Asian cuisine.  


Galangal is a bounty of natural medicine and is packed with numerous natural active compounds with high medicinal value. It’s  rich in iron, vitamins, minerals and over 40  

anti-oxidants.It’s used in a wide range of ayurvedic and other traditional remedies to treat illnesses and ailments.


Savera dry Galangal powder is made from naturally grown and sundried Galangal from our farm.  It’s a wonder herb of nature and a powerhouse of nutrients, healing properties, and health benefits. It’s highly potent and can be used both as a spice and a medicinal herb.  

Galangal Powder / Thai Ginger Powder

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