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In a scenario where ginger cultivation is  characterised by hybrid variety and rampant use  of highly toxic pesticides, naturally grown Savera  dry nati ginger is unique and a rarity these days.  

It’s available as raw nati ginger (seasonally  between December to March) and as powdered  dry nati ginger, round the year till our stocks last.  

Savera nati dry ginger powder is highly potent  and retains all the health benefits of raw nati ginger and has a strong flavour and pungency.


Whether you use it in your kashayas or other home remedies or as an immunity booster; or in  your tea, salads or cooking – you will surely enjoy its distinctive flavour and sharp taste, and reap  the immense health benefits of naturally grown nati ginger. 

Ginger Powder | 50 Grams

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