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Savera farms


A Quaint Farm Stay In The Lap Of Nature

Abode of peace and tranquility; clean fun and adventure!

For details and reservations please call Merwin Fernandes at 98452 12702 or email at


Vegan, WFPB Food

Ecofriendly Cottages

Pet Friendly

Family Focused

Embark on an enriching Sakleshpur Homestay experience at our natural farm, where clean fun, adventure, and delectable plant-based vegan/WFPB cuisine await. Take leisurely strolls by the serene stream, forage for fresh fruits, immerse yourself in nature walks, or embrace the joy of stream play and mud baths. Adventure enthusiasts can partake in hikes, treks, and sightseeing, all while relishing sumptuous plant-based fare during your lively Vegan Farmstay or peaceful Vegetarian Retreat. Unwind in rustic cottages and delve into our journey of formal natural living and sustainable farming, all wrapped in a bow of fun.

Your Stay Will Include:


Stay in naturally built eco-friendly cottages, with private sit-out, and

attached bath


Gather around the bonfire for an enjoyable evening of storytelling and camaraderie!

All Your Meals!

Savor wholesome and sumptuous vegan plant-based meals, desserts, herbal teas, and local and exotic fruits.


Visit scenic spots, ruins of historical sites, famous temples

Fun & Adventure

Go for nature walks, stream play, mud baths, short hikes, and day treks. Visit

waterfalls and so much more!

Experience Natural Living

Get a peek into our tryst with natural farming, using food as medicine and the natural path to prime health.

What You Will Forgo?

“I truly appreciate your efforts and dedication to provide us genuine organic products. I use coffee,dry ginger and turmeric powder, these are super authentic.i fell in love with Savera magic masala powder, its ideal for my style of cooking curry, all of these products are lovely, tasty, and homemade.i thank savera team for their commitment !."

Anna, Klassik benchmark apartments, Bannerghatta, Bangalore

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