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Savera Citrus Peel Powder is prepared inhouse from
sundried peels of organic naturally grown citrus varieties
from our farm, including Rangpur lime, Coorg oranges and
various lemon varieties. It contains no preservatives or
It has a distinctive citrussy flavour and aroma and is a
powerhouse of nutrients including loads of vitamin C,
anti-oxidants as well as calcium, potassium and

magnesium. In fact, it has more vitamin c and anti-
oxidants than the fruit itself. It also has anti-microbial,

anti-fungal, anti-cancer properties, apart from boosting
your immune system and promoting heart health.
Add it to your salads, in baking, cooking or herbal teas for
a lovely invigorating citrussy flavour and aroma. It also excellent for skin care and can be added to
your DIY face packs, face wash, hair and body wash. You can even add it to your vessel wash liquid
for a fresh adour and sparkling finish or use it as an all-purpose cleaner.

Citrus peel powder

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